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I told you, my dear brother, that the Orange party, while assailing us with their absurd calumnies, have also made it a reproach against us that we have negotiated with France.
Down he went, at the pit of his stomach that old sink sensation which he had known as a boy he first negotiated quick-starting elevators.
Pott, acting upon her often-repeated threat of separation, had, in virtue of an arrangement negotiated by her brother, the lieutenant, and concluded by Mr.
Mike Giammarinaro & Anthony Lekanides negotiated this transaction.
While the Federal Trade Commission has negotiated and accepted numerous consent orders involving illegal conduct regarding physician contracting and anti-trust issues, this is the first antitrust physician case in over 20 years to be decided by a full hearing (trial) at the Federal Trade Commission.
Raising the stakes in the debate over a five-year deal that would give 8,000 DWP workers and managers pay hikes as high as 30 percent, the union leader who negotiated the deal threatened to call a strike if the City Council tries to block formal approval of the contract.
3) These negotiators reported that they had experienced or knew of an incident at their agency involving a suicidal or barricaded officer: Some of those interviewed negotiated with an in-crisis member of other departments and others negotiated with members of their own agency.
Trade-related investment measures such as local content measures were banned under an agreement negotiated during the Uruguay Round, which ended in 1993.
banking organizations are among the leading dealers in off-exchange, privately negotiated derivatives contracts.
In this case contemplation nevertheless leads to a certain negotiated understanding, for just as the viewer's passage through the exhibition tracks infinity's immaterial symbol, Byars' sphere of lustrous yet base matter (gilded bronze) figures infinity also.
Their decision to use one facility over another is going to be negotiated on the basis of facilities undercutting one another from a cost perspective on a per diem rate.
BARCELONA, Spain -- Use of collateral in privately negotiated derivatives transactions and related margined activities continues to grow significantly, with the amount of collateral in circulation now estimated at $1.