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To conduct business transactions; to deal with another individual in regard to a purchase and sale; to bargain or trade. To conclude by way of agreement, bargain, or compact. To transfer a negotiable instrument, such as a promissory note, or other Commercial Paper.

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to transfer (used of bills of exchange). The usual method is by endorsing (signing) the back of the document.
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* Meridian negotiated a new mortgage in the amount of $12.5 million on a four-story, 130-unit multifamily property located on St.
NTSP negotiated both risk-sharing contracts and non-risk-sharing contracts.
Sophisticated buyers understand that after the warts are uncovered, the negotiated price and overall transaction still need to make sense.
The American mediators of the official Israel-Palestinian talks in Washington were as stunned as the rest of the world when it was revealed in August 1993 that Israel and the PLO had secretly negotiated a peace agreement.
banking organizations are among the leading dealers in off-exchange, privately negotiated derivatives contracts.
In this case contemplation nevertheless leads to a certain negotiated understanding, for just as the viewer's passage through the exhibition tracks infinity's immaterial symbol, Byars' sphere of lustrous yet base matter (gilded bronze) figures infinity also.
These are the costs that are then negotiated when you negotiate a per diem or a capitated rate.
Companies awarded schedule contracts by sealed bid do not have to comply with the rules governing negotiated contracts.
* Meridian negotiated a new mortgage in the amount of $7,500,000 on a five-story, 40-unit multifamily property located on MacDougal Street in New York, NY.
Trade-related investment measures such as local content measures were banned under an agreement negotiated during the Uruguay Round, which ended in 1993.
A telephone survey of 14 major negotiation teams revealed that one-half of the teams possess experience in conducting foreign language negotiation.(5) Each of the seven had negotiated in Spanish, and three teams had conducted negotiation in a language other than English or Spanish.
Of course, the main reason you file for Chapter 11 is to get the bankruptcy court to approve a reorganization plan that you have negotiated with your unsecured and secured creditors.