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NTSP negotiated both risk-sharing contracts and non-risk-sharing contracts.
Policymakers from the 54 participating nations who negotiated the ITO charter in 1947 recognized that trade and investment were related but they also knew that it would be difficult to develop a package of rules to link trade and investment without creating a multitude of exceptions.
The cash markets for such financial instruments were well developed long before the introduction of exchange-traded futures and options, and, for some instruments, privately negotiated derivatives also predated exchange trading.
In this case contemplation nevertheless leads to a certain negotiated understanding, for just as the viewer's passage through the exhibition tracks infinity's immaterial symbol, Byars' sphere of lustrous yet base matter (gilded bronze) figures infinity also.
If terms that meet your basic needs to manage your business, care for your patients, and derive a fair profit cannot be negotiated, then that MCO is not the right partner for you.
The transaction was negotiated by Avi Weinstock and Josh Rhine.
5,6] Finally, the executive considers the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA).
Steve Geller and Rael Gervis negotiated this transaction.