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To conduct business transactions; to deal with another individual in regard to a purchase and sale; to bargain or trade. To conclude by way of agreement, bargain, or compact. To transfer a negotiable instrument, such as a promissory note, or other Commercial Paper.

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to transfer (used of bills of exchange). The usual method is by endorsing (signing) the back of the document.
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Much of the developing world spent its limited negotiating capital avoiding market access commitments and promoting the principle of more favorable access to the markets of developed countries.
"Most negotiating books are just a string of tactics with cute, witty names.
By establishing certain protocol for these tragic incidents, agencies will be better prepared if, unfortunately, negotiating with one of their own becomes necessary.
So follow this rule: Never let friendship influence your negotiating strategies.
This reputation further encouraged Israel's hard-line negotiating stance.
Accordingly, a recurrent motif in "Negotiating Rapture" is contemplation, a focusing and convergence of mind and senses.
Public safety agencies in every part of the United States face the possibility of negotiating with hostage takers or barricaded subjects who cannot communicate effectively in English.
These goals and expectations need to be accurately evaluated in order to avoid the desperation inherent in negotiating merely to survive.
The MAS policy statement of October 1, 1982, which gives the GSA's objective in negotiating contracts, says, "The Government's goal when negotiating MAS contract pricing arrangements is to obtain a discount from a firm's established catalog or commercial price list which is equal to or greater than the discount given to that firm's most favored customer [MFC].
Negotiating the first workout is trying enough, without entering into a second if your workout fails.
A "captive tenant" has virtually no negotiating leverage, since it has foregone the flexibility to shift gears and move elsewhere.

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