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Streaming files of wild ducks began to make their appearance high in the air; the bark of the squirrel might be heard from the groves of beech and hickory- nuts, and the pensive whistle of the quail at intervals from the neighboring stubble field.
He affirmed that on returning one night from the neighboring village of Sing Sing, he had been overtaken by this midnight trooper; that he had offered to race with him for a bowl of punch, and should have won it too, for Daredevil beat the goblin horse all hollow, but just as they came to the church bridge, the Hessian bolted, and vanished in a flash of fire.
No signs of life occurred near him, but occasionally the melancholy chirp of a cricket, or perhaps the guttural twang of a bull-frog from a neighboring marsh, as if sleeping uncomfortably and turning suddenly in his bed.
They were so perfectly dismayed, that they could not be induced even to go in quest of their traps, which they had set in a neighboring stream.
But he also said conditions have changed since then with the opening of Anaverde, and the start of the neighboring 7,200-home Ritter Ranch master-plan community.
Deftly covering laws concerning such issues as water runoff and flooding, trees that hang over property line, problems with neighboring businesses, noisy neighbors, unclear boundary lines, blocked views, high or unsightly "spite" fences, dangerously deteriorating fences, dangers to children, and so much more, Neighbor Law is a complete and thorough compendium ideal for non-specialist general readers wanting to know (and be able to enforce) their rights as a property owner in a neighborhood of property owners.
A neighbor donated another 75 gallons, and when that ran out, Jerry drove to neighboring Alabama for more.
Whenever a neighboring crab comes to the rescue, says Blackwell, the invader is bigger than the crab it is trying to evict--and the rescuer is bigger than the invader.
11) With more husbands at home, rancor over appearances escalated as men began clashing with neighboring wives whose husbands then came to their defense.
The use of Newton's third law makes it possible for us to only have to consider half of the nearest neighboring cells, which are cross-hatched (lines parallel to the right-diagonal in the cell) in the figure.
Decatur teacher Ken Newton spoke in front of the DeKalb commissioners in late October, citing an ordinance in neighboring Cobb County that places no objectionable restrictions on teachers.
It was alleged that the offending tenant had cursed at her neighbors; repeatedly slammed her apartment door at all hours disturbing neighboring tenants living in the adjacent apartments; continuously rung the bell of the neighboring tenant for no apparent reason; used foul language, physically assaulted, kicked the belongings and generally threatened a neighboring tenant; verbally abused a neighbor; and had repeatedly yelled at and used profane language towards one of the neighboring tenants.

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