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Isle of Man outdoes every other advanced nation at neighborliness, because it has chosen to dispense with addresses altogether.
FDR, she argues, brought to the White House a powerful association between governance and neighborliness.
Recollections are especially strong of the neighborliness displayed in the aftermath of the storm of the century.
It also goes to Victor Gruen, an urban designer and architect whose master plan for Valencia -- now the city's center -- encouraged neighborliness and family.
Salisbury, North Carolina, schoolchildren have a tradition of practicing compassion and neighborliness, and outstanding students are recognized during an annual Service Above Self Youth Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the Rowan County Rotary Club and United Way.
Regardless of improvements in standards of living, attempts to impose a more reserved idea of neighborliness experienced difficulties in displacing the existing, more outgoing culture when the two ideas were in conflict.
TDS) went to impressive lengths to prove its corporate neighborliness.
His answer is to tell a story about neglect of need compared with the actions of one who saw a need and responded with neighborliness.
There, in a landscape unencumbered by undue neighborliness and excessive vegetation, she created work that was timeless, universal, and impersonal.
Lovely colorful illustrations accompany this tale of kindness and neighborliness.
Rethinking suburban development includes not only a master plan for a community, but also the individual planning of homes to contribute to that sense of neighborliness.
I suspect it was his neighborliness that brought so many people past the body of Bernardin.