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The adoption of the Declaration ended the one-year chairmanship of BiH over this regional initiative, established 23 years ago in Sofia with the intention of creating an environment of trust, good neighborly relations and stability in the region.
As a result, Neighborly now reaches a total of eight brands and four campuses based in Europe.
If your company is considering undergoing a major franchise rebrand, the five tips detailed here - remembered easily by the acronym "B.R.A.N.D" - provide a framework for how best to approach the process from the perspective of Neighborly, a company that has now "been there, done that."
Here are tips that Neighborly Home Care wishes to share for making the changeover as smooth as possible:
Through ongoing research and collaboration, the initiative will seek to identify ways that Neighborly's secure platform can be used to deliver low-cost, tax-exempt public finance offerings that could benefit residents of Berkeley and other municipalities.
"For a longer time, Macedonia's good neighborly relations were one of the conditions.
The Iraqi statement also called on Turkey to "respect good neighborly relations and to withdraw immediately from the Iraqi territory."
Seidel [Sei87, Sei91] proved an upper bound theorem for the complexity of Delaunay triangulations in terms of neighborly polytopes.
<![CDATA[ Once, we said "Seasons Greetings" as Jews who wished to be polite and neighborly. We might want to do so to Evangelical Christians who support Israel.
NEW DELHI -- Chairman Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari has emphasized that there is a complete consensus in Pakistan in having good neighborly relations with India.
"Its (Syria) doors are open to the Turkish people who believe in good neighborly relations and the joint history binding the two friendly peoples as the geographical and historical ties are stronger than personal grudges," he said.
MPs also revealed that such objectionable actions fully contradict with International conventions, disregard the rights , independence and preserving identities of neighborly countries as well as ns threaten cooperation and amicable relations between neighborly countries.