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Dale Collis I lived at my old place for almost three years and couldn't tell you who my neighbours were.
Ruth is also seen going shopping every day for one particular neighbour as well as making her drinks and hanging up her washing.
Neighbour disputes are very common and both the Police and local authorities report an increase in complaints being made to them about such disputes.
If leaves from your trees blow into your neighbour's gutters or drains and block them, your neighbour can ask you to pay to have them cleared or to pay for the cost of any damage that might have been caused.
A good neighbour is one who guarantees comfort, security and safety.
Over-55s are most likely to lend their neighbours something (41 per cent), keep their spare keys (23 per cent) and feed their pets or water their plants (26 per cent), but they are also most likely to value the security of having neighbours (26 per cent), to have had a neighbour feed their pets or water their plants (24 per cent) and to have their spare keys kept by a neighbour (20 per cent).
I've lived in the same house for 20 years and seen my neighbours get worse.
The good Samaritan, the good neighbour, the good church -- recognized the victim as a neighbour.
We want you to nominate your neighbour - or neighbours - who have made a contribution to you or those around them so that we can celebrate their achievements and help you say thank you.
She was told by both the council and the police that, because of lack of support from her neighbours, the most that could happen was that the neighbour might receive an injunction.

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