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NEIGHBOURHOOD policing heroes were recognised after going the extra mile for their local communities.
One of the findings was that parents living in low income neighbourhoods were three times more likely than other parents to state that their neighbourhood parks were unsafe, suggesting that children in lower socio-economic neighbourhoods have fewer opportunities to be physically active.
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The Pfizer Healthy Neighbourhood Survey, conducted by NFO Direct Services between June and August 2003, asked over 11,200 people from 112 urban and rural areas in nine European countries to rate the importance of 25 factors relating to environment, safety, local amenities, community support and health services.
See also Melanie Tebbutt, Women's Talk: A Social History of 'Gossip' in Working-Class Neighbourhoods, 1880-1960 (Aldershot, 1995): 87-91, and Ross McKibbin, "Why Was There No Marxism in Britain," in The Ideologies of Class: Social Relations in Britain, 1880-1950 (Oxford & New York, 1991): 11.
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