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He was a doctor in the neighbourhood when he married her, and a man, I surmised, of some parts and promise, but, moving to town, he had fallen into loose ways, taken to drinking and gambling, and had finally deserted her for another woman--at the very moment when their first child was born.
This, she added, did not appear impossible, as it often flew about to some distance in the neighbourhood.
Our neighbourhood was small, for it consisted only of your Mother.
Anne haggard, Mary coarse, every face in the neighbourhood worsting, and the rapid increase of the crow's foot about Lady Russell's temples had long been a distress to him.
Smith, now in this neighbourhood (I have dined with him, at Hurst and Wilford), who is just come from Langford where he was a fortnight with her ladyship, and who is therefore well qualified to make the communication.
From his room he could see all round the neighbourhood, but the two places that interested him most were Mercy Farm and Diana's Grove.
Now that she was engaged, the Emersons would scarcely insult her and were welcome into the neighbourhood.
As to temples for public worship, and the hall for the public tables of the chief magistrates, they ought to be built in proper places, and contiguous to each other, except those temples which the law or the oracle orders to be separate from all other buildings; and let these be in such a conspicuous eminence, that they may have every advantage of situation, and in the neighbourhood of that part of the city which is best fortified.
Sometimes there would be a feast in the neighbourhood, and a pig would be killed.
One does not linger in the neighbourhood of Reading.
The unknown lady, in her reply, made no objection to this, and stated that, as to my acquirements, she had no doubt I should be able to give satisfaction; but in the engagement of governesses she considered those things as but subordinate points; as being situated in the neighbourhood of O , she could get masters to supply any deficiencies in that respect: but, in her opinion, next to unimpeachable morality, a mild and cheerful temper and obliging disposition were the most essential requisities.
By this means we should always know when she was about, and could easily retire while she was in the neighbourhood.
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