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fard) appears as a lexical neological loan in CADE, havin the meaning of ,,suliman" (,,make-up"), while in DLRM the entrance as ,,suliman" appears older, being defined as ,,produs cosmetic pentru colorat fata si buzele" (,,cosmetic product for colouring face and lips").
The speaker's idiolectic and neological brogue certainly echoes the drogue that ends oscaraboscarabinary's unofficial definition, etymologically as well as aurally: a drogue is a military target (dragged behind a plane for practice), a wind sock, or, most pertinently, a parachute (for flying objects) or restraint (for wheeled ones) used to slow the vehicle to which it is attached.
From the preceding paragraphs, it can be noted that the majority of the metaphors of corruption are of the neological type.
Turning nouns into verbs is a common neological game, and it's one that the Seinfeld writers enjoyed playing.
Disappointment," in Quinney's neological sense, is grimmer and more extensive than any ordinary meaning of the word.