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Why do bad neologisms (new words) get our attention?
"The word Trumpism itself is an example of this phenomenon but it's only the tip of the iceberg; Oxford Dictionaries has collected citations for more than 50 different neologisms derived from Trump's name.
Ma'arav and Izavon are a favorite pair of Ezekiel's neologisms. Ma'arav appears nine times and izavonim seven times, but they are both only found in chapter 27.
Particularly in the last two decades, numerous borrowings from American or British English have been added to the existing French neologisms or Italian equivalents of TC that had been assimilated over the last two centuries.
But sometimes Tim Kendall gets carried away, sniffing for `ulteriority' (Frost's neologism) like a hound after truffles.
The phrase 'Gangnam style' is a Korean neologism that refers to a life style associated with the Gangnam district of Seoul.
on a finite level, [existing] as a reality essence (a metareality) involving a persuasive consciousness (information expressed through meaning as metaconsciousness) and order (ordropy [another neologism, M.R--"ordropy" is defined as the opposite of "entropy"]) with "metalife" (all encompassing life in the infinite: potential life--"polife")--which then manifests as physical life in the finite when linked with the correct current physiology.
If a child is given a neologism or a name common to boys and girls, he or she is likely to have a lifetime of misaddressed envelopes, unnecessary hassles and other tiresome or embarrassing gender-confused situations.
A REGULAR and erudite reader (that's different from Araldite by the way although he has stuck by me for years) has sent a list of winning entries from The Washington Post's neologism contest.
According to B., the phenomenon demonstrated by leading spokeswomen of any religion can be explained in terms of the neologism "dianomy"--that is, "an accounting of moral agency that does not rely exclusively on either the self or religious traditions as the source of moral authority" (185).
How does one translate, into a language with no equivalent formality, a witty neologism for the continued use of the formal vous after one feels the familiar tu has been earned?
The neologism egeszsegbiztositas was formed after the political changes of the late 1980s and appeared first in a 1991 act (No 84 of 1991) regulating the separation of insurance funds.