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2) In fact, "the period 1500-1659 saw the introduction of between 10,000 and 25,000 new words into the language, with the practice of neologizing culminating in the Elizabethan period.
Turkey does not only belong to the Turks; neologizing a country's name after some Western concepts of nation-building that took place when there was a powerful centrality in form of monarchy as the agents of god on the earth and weak inter-group mobility when modern time's facilities for communication were absent will make the sick man's illness just chronic, if not fatal.
Ezquerra and Adamo-Della Valle provide exhaustive discussion and illustration of the most common neologizing phenomena in the two languages during the last decade, while Coletti, in a tour de force of research, focuses largely-and fascinatingly--on neologistic forms that were used in Italian at various points in the twentieth century but did not stand the test of time: 'veri e propri decessi sul nascere, false partenze' (p.