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The current majority shareholder of Neology, Tenedora de Empresas SA de CV, will retain a 15% stake in the business and has agreed to re-invest any earn-out payments it may receive into the combined company.
Precisamente por eso, Neology ha enfocado su negocio tanto en la comercializacion de sus productos como en la investigacion y desarrollo de chips RFID cada vez mas evolucionados.
However, the customer had one last request--could Neology make the tag tamper-proof?
Our purpose is to show that neology is a function of central features of economic life in the United Kingdom.
Again, though, Kemper avoids over-simplification, approaching Neology from several different perspectives represented by British theorists of sentiment (Tillotson, Shaftesbury, Hutcheson) as well as by German thinkers (Jerusalem, Sack, Spalding, to name only a few).
Think of it rather, to risk a neologism, as a neology.
This exercise in neology stops short of "genitalandscapes," but the imagery is there.
Neology is a subsidiary of SMARTRAC, a portfolio company managed by One Equity Partners, a middle-market private equity firm.
Passive RFID technology provider Neology announced on Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court against Federal Signal and its unit Sirit for alleged patent infringement of multiple claims in six Neology patents.
The word jog (law) was revived by the Hungarian neology (TESz.
Thus neology tended to empty revelation of any content that was not already supplied by reason and nature.
NXP partners, Siemens, Cohda Wireless, and Neology will offer a live demonstration of the power of V2X technology.