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She said the first 28 days of life - the neonatal period - was the most vulnerable time for a child's survival, and noted that Nigeria ranked high in neonatal deaths.
Keywords: Birth asphyxia, Neonatal intensive care, Prematurity, Sepsis, Tertiary care hospital.
KEYWORDS: Maternal screening, Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, Triple test, Screening tests, Estriol.
Neonates, lanugo hair, Mongolian spots, sebaceous hyperplasia, cutis marmorata, vernix caseosa, acrocyanosis, neonatal acne, erythema toixcum neonatorum, neonatal alopecia.
KEY WORDS: Neonatal tetanus; cord care; risk factors; Neonate; Tetanus toxoid.
Bliss' new findings serve as a stark warning to the Welsh Government and health boards that they must provide additional investment to ensure that national standards for neonatal services are met.
This was attributed to a combination of insufficient investment in neonatal nurse posts and a shortage of children's nurses across Wales.
Monthly hemolysis rate for all neonatal units for the years 2011, 2012, and 2013.
The college's pilot project in Samoa demonstrated this, with measurable improvements to neonatal care and nursing practice.
In Pakistan, the infant mortality is 69/1000 and neonatal mortality 55/1000 live births.
So the purpose of our study is to find out the common causes of neonatal mortality so that the effective interventions can be taken to decrease the neonatal deaths.