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In addition, facility health care workers' knowledge and skills regarding neonatal resuscitation were assessed by questionnaire and structured assessment tools (e.
Additional training of healthcare workers at all levels is essential for the care of mothers during pregnancy, labour and delivery as well as for neonatal resuscitation and early neonatal care.
The institution must have the personnel and equipment to perform neonatal resuscitation, evaluate healthy newborn infants and provide postnatal care.
Objectives: To assess the knowledge of lady health visitors and midwives working at primary healthcare facilities about neonatal resuscitation.
If the baby "has the potential to survive outside the womb," a second physician must be present to provide neonatal resuscitation.
They stressed modern techniques for treatment especially on Audiology Orientation, Neonatal Resuscitation, Infection Control, Developmental Paediatrics, Knee Replacement Surgery, Gynae , Eye, ENT, Endoscopy, Liver Biopsy, Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Perinetal Diagnosis and Research Methodology.
Shaikh has said that Helping Babies Breathe is an evidencebased educational programme aimed to teach neonatal resuscitation techniques in resourcestarved areas.
Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) instructors frequently observe a state of "pause", confusion, and need for team collaboration during mock scenario practice when epinephrine calculations are required.
75 midwives of maternity wards of Issyk-Kul region will be trained in neonatal resuscitation from November 19 to 21, according to the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF).
Along with new authors for each chapter, this edition has been updated and revised to include advances in neonatal care, including hypotension, mechanical ventilation, and early discharge; a new chapter on perinatal asphyxia; new clinical cases; changes in Neonatal Resuscitation Program guidelines; new approaches to managing patent ductus arteriosus and feeding the preterm infant; new guidelines for managing preterm infants with respiratory distress; and other changes.

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