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In the meantime, thanks to their remarkable ability both to attract and coerce new recruits, the Franciscans managed to sustain San Jose's growth even as they transferred large numbers of neophytes to serve as "seed populations" for new missions at San Rafael (1817) and Sonoma (1823).
Essential for fans of this idiosyncratic talent and a highly palatable introduction for curious neophytes.
For residents, it hardly succeeds at that, but neophytes will get an overview of the city's history from Tom Bradley's election to the mayor's job in 1973, through minority clashes the Latino union battle with hotels and the riots of 1992 and Antonio Villaraigosa's victory in the mayoral campaign last year.
It and its companion Dictionary Of Naval Terms are written for Navy neophytes who have a need to understand the language of their new profession--and for outsiders such as journalists.
The "little ones" are believers, neophytes in the faith.
While there is no straightforward solution, per se, to this problem, Dorothy Leonard, a professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School and a redoubtable expert on how organizations develop products (or fail to), and Walter Swap, a professor of psychology (emeritus) at Tufts University, have a recommendation: have knowledgeable people work with the neophytes such that the former can help the latter learn how they need to think.
Contributions from such Wiccan notables as Raven Grimassi, Selena Fox, and more provide articles for neophytes on specific focal points that influence a spritual choice or path.
Neophytes will quickly become absorbed in this captivating tale of politics, ambition, and misguided patriotism.
After fourteen years of dancing Balanchine, the Russians are no longer neophytes.
Such a hedge is unnecessary, however, because specialists and neophytes alike will find in this book many stimulating reflections by a prolific scholar whose work has spanned the period in question, from the rhetoriqueurs to Louise Labe to Montaigne.
But it's neither movies, racing cars, books, nor screenplays that this pair of madcap business neophytes discuss in Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good.
NIC studies have disclosed a 35% reduction in the number of seniors housing investors overall, and Kramer hypothesized that most of those leaving were relative neophytes who got burned by assisted living overbuilding after the high-flying mid-1990s.