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Regarding the Customer Value Proposition is the major concern of this organization is to meet the expectations of its customers and help them achieve their business objectives (Neoteric, n.d.).
Corsair has hence placed their trust on Neoteric to do the job regardless of other prospects in play.
The Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) is adapted as the underpinning basis to investigate attitude of Neoteric inheritor towards advertising (Ajzen and Fishbein, 1980).
The program will be valid for purchases made from Emerson's national distributors, Ingram Micro and Neoteric Infomatique Ltd, with the payout slab being calculated on the total sales amount at the end of the programme period.
Refracted, neorealist poems, such as "Down by the Train Tracks" and "Note on a Dream That is Not a Dream," achieve that effect by calibrating Horton's recognized strengths to his neoteric aesthetic interests.
We wanted to play chamber music and liked the idea of playing together, so we formed a trio and called it Neoteric, which means "modern" or "recent in origin."
Virgil appropriates Homer in all his works but reinvigorates the epic form with allusions to Alexandrian poets; Theocritus; Callimachus; Apollonius of Rhodes; Attic tragedians; annalistic poets such as Naevius and Ennius; neoteric poets Catullus and Cinna; as well as members of his own poetic coterie, like the elegist Gallus.
Mansion, Temple Street, Liverpool, L2 5RH CHIBUKU: With Skream, Jackmaster, Space Dimension Controller, Rich Furness, Dr Gonzo presents: Crookers, Neoteric, The Japanese Popstars - Live and lots more.
The apparently prepositional a can be interpreted as the 'neoteric' exclamation a!, found in other passages of the exile poetry where Ovid laments his downfall and its causes--cf.
This boutique store hosts a collection of designer labels and displays and sells neoteric works by local San Francisco artists
The author of this paper suggests several neoteric, unconventional, idiosyncratic, or unique approaches to beginning Set Theory that he found seems to work well in building students' introductory understanding of the Foundations of Mathematics.
The company is a unit of Neoteric Constructions Ltd.