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Corsair has hence placed their trust on Neoteric to do the job regardless of other prospects in play.
Moreover, social role/image is found to have positive effect on Neoteric inheritors' advertising attitude.
Daniel Baldwin submitted a work for us entitled Neoteric Trio, which has been published by Imagine Music and performed by others as recently as the 2013 International Double Reed Society convention.
discussed reflects firstly the Neoteric attitude towards traditional
Topics include extracting radioactive elements by calixarenes, the simultaneous removal of radionuclides by extractant mixtures, the radiolysis of solvents used in nuclear fuel reprocessing, automating extraction chromagraphic and ion-exchange separations for radiochemical analysis and monitoring, and neoteric solvents as the basis for alternative approaches to separating actinides and fission products.
Datalog International is the sister company of Canadian firm Neoteric Technology and develops medical software to make health care safer, simpler and more cost efficient for the NHS.
Virgil strengthens the reference to the golden age by making this line syntactically a "golden line," a hexameter comprising two nouns, two adjectives, and a verb, a typical display of polish for Roman neoteric poets.
In addition Tianjin University is the first Chinese neoteric university.
MIDLAND anglers are being urged to be on the lookout for someone selling Korum's new Neoteric rods without a guarantee.
Paul Johnson is president of Neoteric Enterprises, a company that provides business solutions based on quality assurance and technical documentation.
This is described as 'a neoteric music hall'-yes, quite.
Blend a few more neoteric sugary additions like simple syrup, fructose or honey and we're up-to-date.