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discussed reflects firstly the Neoteric attitude towards traditional
54) Neoteric as the Weeks doctrine was, federal courts had no
Datalog International is the sister company of Canadian firm Neoteric Technology and develops medical software to make health care safer, simpler and more cost efficient for the NHS.
But, until Elizabeth Costello (2003), where the artifice of structure is deliberately foregrounded, arguably the novel that may be Coetzee's most neoteric with respect to format, intertextual devices, narrative voice, and narratological probing, is Foe (1986), and the distance between the two works of some seventeen years may not be insignificant.
Much of the book is taken up with debating the primitive and vital orientation of the visual versus the neoteric demands of reading and literacy, and the cognitive starvation the iconoclasts imposed ultimately upon all of Europe.
2002) concluded that individuals amplify the risks of a neoteric product and discount benefits.
BloodTrack Courier(R) was developed by Datalog International and Neoteric Technology in conjunction with Geoff Bullen Electronics (GBE) and Olympus OsYris.
Ratcliff, "A Neoteric View of the Appraisal Function," The Appraisal Journal (April 1965): 173.
In addition Tianjin University is the first Chinese neoteric university.
MIDLAND anglers are being urged to be on the lookout for someone selling Korum's new Neoteric rods without a guarantee.
Paul Johnson is president of Neoteric Enterprises, a company that provides business solutions based on quality assurance and technical documentation.