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Italian universities are nepotistic and self-referential, " one says.
They see them as kind of nepotistic and places where you can't advance, places where there are no clear systems or policies, kind of chaos," he says.
There was disgust over Politico's revelation that before she switched to a month-to-month contract, Chelsea was getting overpaid at $600,000 annually -- or more than $25,000 per minute on air -- for a nepotistic job as a soft-focus correspondent for NBC News.
So never mind any new laws, the same sponsor wasta or nepotistic connections will allow them all to drive anyway, and they easily get around any edict.
What is so insightful, and perhaps to some more perturbing, is that the Richards family's nepotistic responses to changes in American society--including neighborhood migration and attempts to disassociate themselves with ghetto residents-actually may reflect the rule and not the exception for behavior among middle-class minorities.
We are a nepotistic republic; we are, if you please
For many in Bulgaria this was painful proof of the nepotistic nature of their political system, which, according to Transparency International, is the second most corrupt among the 28 EU member states, beaten only by Greece.
This is an extremely interesting point and Vanhanen shows how even denominational differences can have a genetic element, thus explaining certain kinds of religiously nepotistic behavior.
Respective armies assign budgets behind closed doors, award contracts through nepotistic practices and hinder attempts at reform.
Speaking of Jamaica's corrupt police service, Shields commented: "When I first got here, there was a very inward-looking, nepotistic culture.
It draws attention to the need to provide youth with good jobs; putting an end to the nepotistic practice whereby employees' children get jobs; providing health insurance for the unemployed; reducing the retirement age to give the youth a chance; and giving aid to the unemployed until the government finds them jobs.
The author makes a compelling case that development efforts on the continent have failed due to various factors including: widespread political corruption, economic mismanagement, nepotistic patronage, lack of accountability, and insufficient capital.