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However, there is strong criticism in Egypt of either the prospect of the 82-year-old president, who has had health problems, seeking re-election or of a nepotistic succession.
Countless times I've read analysis and the blurb on the back of books that the Middle East is 'on the brink', a 'tinderbox' ready to explode due to the nepotistic nature of governments and the dire economic conditions of much of the region.
Coming from an unusually low-profile background (especially in the nepotistic industry that is Bollywood), Bachchan's uncharacteristically tall and lanky frame and somewhat crooked looks have charmed generations Bollywood lovers.
He also informed the minister that the two appointments were " illegal, nepotistic and arbitrary".
The fact that a man like Reid never sat on the benches of the Commons can be blamed on the nepotistic Tammany Hall no-marks that have blighted Labour in Scotland for too long.
The referendum changes the Kyrgyz constitution to give more power to the parliament in order to curb authoritarian rule following the ouster of former President Bakiev, who was widely seen as corrupt and nepotistic.
The people have put a full stop on the epoch of authoritarian, nepotistic management," she said on Sunday.
To have a nepotistic base in your career seems to be important for many countries.
This of course, in Greece, for example, won't help much, because most doctor appointments are based on nepotistic criteria.
It is a failed state, undermined by a nepotistic and corrupt government with ineffective security forces, poor infrastructure and desperate socioeconomic conditions.
Whether one blames this on the legacy of previous socio-political systems or on current corrupt and nepotistic practices depends on one's political affiliation.
But Viva's frontman Chris Seacombe says the drawn out birth of their first album, incubating since 2006, proves that they haven't benefited from any nepotistic turns from their famous friends.