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also 1,8 At ille digitum a pollice proximum ori suo admouens et in stuporem attonitus 'tace, tace' inquit et circumspiciens tutamenta sermonis: 'parce', inquit, 'in feminam diuinam, nequam tibi lingua intemperante noxam contrahas.
The first tantalizing use of Geoffrey (or pseudo-Geoffrey) in the context of university foundation myths is by Alexander Nequam, a Paris master, schooled in both Oxford and Paris.
Ita tu obtura aures tuas, et noli audire linguam nequam (Ecclesi.
The number of early copies of the work of Peter Cantor, Nequam, and the Victorines also suggests that even small and remote communities were capable of sustained links with the continental schools.
Schulze-Busacker, `Le Romulus vers 1180: Walter l'Anglais, Alexandre Nequam et Marie de France'; Cesare Segre, `Due nuove attestazioni di Les Douze moys figurez'; Povl Skaup, `Qu'est devenu en gallo-roman i final latin?
To a limited extent the De proprietatibus rerum is also shown to reflect the influence of contemporary authors, notably those of the Paris schools (including Alexander Nequam and Alexander of Hales); to these can be added the Summa de anima of Johannes de Rupella and the De colore of Robert Grosseteste (cf.