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com/conversation-schedule) Nerd Machine's official website.
Details are still under wraps as of this writing, but Lytle did reveal that it will have the same features and functionality as the NeRD.
The Word Nerd shall now hold forth on the topic of three amusingly misused modifiers: literally, relatively, and unique.
Country: UKSector: MediaTarget: NERD TVBuyer: Red Arrow Entertainment Group GmbH, ProSiebenSat.
In Nerd Girls; The Rise of the Dorkasarus, Sitomer has created a touching, if rather abrupt, coming-of-age story that will bring smiles to the face of anyone who has ever experienced middle school.
So now I'm enjoying letting my inner nerd come out to play a bit more.
Recently, in naming Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Person of the Year for 2009, Time Magazine referred to him as a nerd.
4) From left, assistant director Pauline Borden, director Rebecca Robinson, stage manager Erin Morin, and producer Bill Guy oversee rehearsals for "The Nerd.
In this cultural history of the nerd, Nugent (himself a self-described member of the group) follows the evolution of the concept--from its origins in the 19th century to the coining by Dr.
To out-nerd the nerds, Shyamalan injects jargon like "neurotransmitters" into his slabs of expository dialogue, raising the quantity but not the quality of his story's logic.