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Already this Bell System has grown to be so vast, so nearly akin to a national nerve system, that there is nothing else to which we can compare it.
She snatched the bottle out of my hands--drank off another dram, shook her head at me, and ejaculated lamentably: "My nerves, my nerves
Fairlie's wretched nerves meant one and the same thing.
In the wretched state of my nerves, exertion of any kind is unspeakably disagreeable to me.
Anne, judging from her own temperament, would have deemed such a domestic hurricane a bad restorative of the nerves, which Louisa's illness must have so greatly shaken.
With the light he found it easier to regain control of his nerves, and presently he was again making his way along the tunnel in search of an avenue of escape.
Margaret had a bad attack of these nerves during the honeymoon.
I will continue calmly concerning persons with strong nerves who do not understand a certain refinement of enjoyment.
The sadness of the incomplete--the sadness that is often Life, but should never be Art--throbbed in its disjected phrases, and made the nerves of the audience throb.
At nine-and-twenty I was gaunt and gray; my nerves were shattered, my heart was broken; and my face showed it without let or hindrance from the spirit that was broken too.
The summer came, breathless and sultry, and even at night there was no coolness to rest one's jaded nerves.
Never had I greater need of steady nerves than then--never were my nerves and muscles under better control.