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Neurogenx Nerve Centers are staffed by specially-trained clinicians, certified in the Neurogenx treatment protocol.
As part of the VivaKi Nerve Center, the partnership will deliver additional audience trough the DoubleClick exchange.
troops at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, the nerve center of the American operation.
Investigators Sunday took their first look at the battered remains of the cockpit of Trans World Airlines Flight 800 and said they were puzzled by how the plane's nerve center became gnarled into a one-ton ball of wires, metal, seats and switches.
The first of its kind, the technology nerve center gives detectives instantaneous information on homicides and shootings citywide, enabling them to identify and respond to emerging crimes.
During the first half of the century, the roundhouse was the nerve center of San Jose's bustling railroad network.
The old barracks-like headquarters of the Office of Emergency Services - the nerve center for disaster operations during earthquakes, floods and fires - is itself something of a disaster.
The control room is the critical operations nerve center in a process plant," said Paul Steinitz, marketing director at the Foxboro Automation unit of Invensys Process Systems.
Global organizations face an increasingly complex regulatory climate, with IT as the operations nerve center," said BindView Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Steve Kahan.
The EW suite, provided by BAE Systems' Information & Electronic Warfare Systems (IEWS), will serve as the nerve center for F-35 pilots, enhancing their situational awareness and self-protection through next generation threat identification, monitoring, analysis and countermeasures.