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Bottlenose Nerve Center gives marketers an early warning to respond to real-time forces, improve overall engagement, boost cost-efficiency, and drive top line results.
We are lucky to live in America's innovation nerve center.
Meantime, the HNet BaseStation - the system's nerve center - is under FCC review.
Described as the NYPD's technology nerve center, the Real Time Crime Center delivers critical information and visual analysis to detectives in seconds, rather than hours or even days, helping to keep New York City's streets safe.
Clinton took a brief helicopter ride to see the nerve center of the American operation, arriving for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner and expression of thanks to troops at chilly, snow-filled Camp Bondsteel.
As the nerve center for the US's national investigations, the SIOC also works around the clock to process and share tips submitted through the FBI web site, helping to prevent potential crises, cyber attacks, global crimes, and terrorist acts.
PHOTO (1--Color) Norman Baculinao, associate traffic engineer for Santa Clarita, monitors traffic at an intersection from the City Hall nerve center.
Not only do we have the lowest cost of doing business in the nation, but our international airport gives companies access to the world, our quality of life attracts top talent, and our location as the business capital of the Southeast means companies can operate at the nerve center of the fastest growing region in America.
Under this agreement, CNSI continues its two-year working relationship with Amtrak providing 24-hour, three-shift support for its data center -- the organization's information technology nerve center.
Investigators Sunday took their first look at the battered remains of the cockpit of Trans World Airlines Flight 800 and said they were puzzled by how the plane's nerve center became gnarled into a one-ton ball of wires, metal, seats and switches.