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2]S in peripheral nerve degeneration and regeneration are discussed below and supported with experimental evidence.
It has been established that nerve degeneration caused by cutting off is accompanied by changes in the lipid composition of the nerve fibers [8,9].
Chen's illness remains undiagnosed, but his supporters say it involves nerve degeneration and sleep apnea, and could be life threatening.
Thus, our results may assume pathophysiological importance in peripheral nerve degeneration and manganese-induced neurodegeneration.
There are no report showing the effects of safranal on peripheral nerve degeneration and regeneration processes and muscular atrophy.
Yet on the level of individual neurons, common mechanisms can be observed that either cause or accompany nerve degeneration in a number of different diseases.
Mycobacterium leprae-induced demyelination: a model for early nerve degeneration.
A lack of B12 over a prolonged period of time can lead to nerve degeneration and even neurological damage).