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The baby was born with a large defect in the back in the form of a cyst with nerve endings exposed and the Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF) leaking from the exposed area.
The whiskers will grow back in a couple of months, and the actual cutting isn't painful because whiskers don't have nerve endings in them.
Using smaller-gauge (27-30 G) needle is highly recommended to reduce injection pain as it is less traumatic with lesser potential to hit the cutaneous nerve endings and hence higher potential of being pain free.
6 Your penis has more nerve endings than your testicles, but your testis have many more pain receptors.
Bhayani added the louder a noise, the longer the exposure, and the closer the person is to the noise source, the more damaging it is to their nerve endings, or their hearing.
When a nerve in the peripheral nervous system is cut slightly, nerve endings can regenerate and reconnect.
When a peripheral nerve is traumatically separated, the common approach is to reconnect the separated nerve endings by a suture, adapting the functional nerve endings end-to-end.
For years, La Roche-Posay has studied the link between "micro-inflammatory" stress of nerve endings in the skin and the acceleration of aging, especially in sensitive skin types, known to age faster than normal skin.
In young neuromuscular synapses, nerve endings match up with their receptors on muscle fibers, enabling efficient transmission of brain signals to the muscle.
This area is rich with nerve endings that, when stroked, reduce blood pressure, lower the heart rate and induce a sense of calm.
Dear reader, THE A-spot is supposed to be an area of sensitive nerve endings in a woman's bottom.
This virus lives dormant within nerve endings, during this inactive state there is no sign of infection.