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Bhayani added the louder a noise, the longer the exposure, and the closer the person is to the noise source, the more damaging it is to their nerve endings, or their hearing.
When a nerve in the peripheral nervous system is cut slightly, nerve endings can regenerate and reconnect.
A direct suture of the nerve endings with a regularly extended knee was not conceivable; yet it was noted that if the knee was in 90[degrees] flexion, the nerve endings could be approximated enough so that a direct suture was possible (Figs 1-2).
The formulation incorporates neurosensine, a calming ingredient that inhibits neuro mediator production in nerve endings to neutralize inflammation.
Two years ago, we published a series of peer-review papers describing how type-2 alkenes (such as acrylamide and acrolein) damage nerve endings in the brains of animals and, since then, interest in the scientific community has grown steadily," said Dr.
Dear reader, THE A-spot is supposed to be an area of sensitive nerve endings in a woman's bottom.
Now researchers at University of Warwick, working with scientists across Europe, have found a likely answer to how the few thousand neurones, specialised to release oxytocin, are marshalled to create the wave - in response to suckling the neurons start releasing oxytocin from their dendrites, a branched part of the cell, as well as from their nerve endings.
The cervix has no surface nerve endings but it is sensitive to pressure and some women love the sensation of having it stimulated.
Our fingers have more nerve endings that any other part of our body, with more than 200 pain receptors every square centimetre of skin.
Oaklander's lab of 18 CRPS-I patients show 30% fewer small-fiber nerve endings in painful CRPS-affected areas.
When pressed against the sample site, a series of eight raised dots on the platform stimulate the nerve endings, which sends a message of comfort to the brain--masking the weaker pain stimulus from the lancet.
Anyone who has had chickenpox is at risk for shingles, a painful rash that occurs when the varicella virus reactivates after years of lying dormant in nerve endings.