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Moving to non-invasive and repeatable methods of nerve fiber measurements such as in vivo corneal confocal microscopy would enhance study of peripheral neuropathy by enabling early detection of damage, progression of nerve fiber deterioration, and enable assessment of therapeutic strategies in the SIV/macaque model, explains Dr.
This model explains the dependence of image contrast on fiber orientation in white matter and potentially allows information about the nerve fibers (such as their size and direction) to be inferred from magnetic resonance images.
If an individual nerve fiber can only effectively code for changes in stimulus intensity over 40 dB, how then do we code for the full extent of loudness detection?
Isom's team has focused on the "beta 2" subunit; mice lacking the gene that instructs the building of this subunit had significant decreases in nerve fiber loss and degeneration during the course of EAE.
Researchers demonstrated this by passing special dyes through the repaired nerve fibers.
His group used EG to stimulate the growth of nerve fibers from the cerebral cortex past a very small area of damage in their spinal cord pathway.
Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density (ENFD) is an objective measure of the small nerve fibers.
Ultimately, they are using this knowledge to develop ways to enhance mitochondrial function and hopefully protect nerve fibers from injury.
Commenting on the study titled, "Metanx Alleviates Diabetes-Induced Large and Small Fiber Neuropathies and Promotes Small Sensory Nerve Fiber Regeneration," abstract # 0652-P, Dr.
Several studies have recently reported a decrease in epidermal nerve fiber density in a subset of patients with fibromyalgia (Oaklander et al, Pain 2013; Caro and Winter, Arthritis Rheumatol 2014; Giannoccaro, et all, Muscle Nerve 2014) concluding that skin biopsy should be considered in the diagnostic work-up of Fibromyalgia to search for Small Fiber Neuropathy.
Each nerve fiber changes its position in the nerve every few centimeters, moving in the fascicle and even changing fascicles.