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Antidotes for nerve gas poisoning have been extensively investigated.
Troops can place these on their uniforms or vehicles to detect nerve gas or blister-causing compounds.
Seven years ago a nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway killed 12 people and injured 5,000 others.
The incinerator is the safest method we know of today to destroy nerve gas, but we must make sure every step of the process is taken in a precise, thorough, by- the-book manner," Rep.
But the controversy goes beyond the possibility of a major nerve gas spill.
Former AUM follower Koichi Kitamura appealed Wednesday against a life sentence imposed by the Tokyo District Court for his involvement in the 1995 nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway system.
military used deadly nerve gas in Laos during the Vietnam War to kill American defectors.
Administration officials claimed that a soil sample taken by the Central Intelligence Agency from outside the plant revealed traces of EMPTA, a chemical they said could be used only in the production of VX nerve gas.
When police searched his apartment after his arrest, they found all the ingredients except one to make a rudimentary nerve gas bomb.
military forces used sarin nerve gas in Laos in 1970 during the Vietnam War, the Time magazine reported in its Monday issue.
Now you can also fear (and with perfectly good reason, too): biological weapons and nerve gas in the subways, terrorist bombings in your office building, the AIDS virus the Ebola virus the flesh-eating streptococcus bacilli and a host of other retroviruses emerging from the rapidly deforested jungles of the world, coteries of right-wing wackos running shadow governments within the actual government, elected officials in the pocket of who knows what corporate interests, a worthless dollar backed up by nothing but faith and free-falling into oblivion.
US government agencies, police and fire first responders, companies and individuals rely on Global Protection to provide the leading products to protect against potential chemical warfare agents, biological warfare, and terrorist threats such as anthrax, smallpox, and nerve gas.