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Nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor mRNAs are regulated in distinct cell populations of rat heart after ischaemia and reperfusion.
Involvement of nerve growth factor in the ovulatory cascade: trkA receptor activation inhibits gap junctional communication between thecal cells.
The database also includes pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, CROs, hospitals, government labs and other organisations active in the Nerve Growth Factor research field.
Nerve growth factor in standard and samples was bound to an anti-NGF mouse monoclonal antibody coated onto a BD Falcon 96-well microplate (BD Biosciences, Bedford, MA, USA).
Nerve growth factor (NGF) is the prototypical member of the family of neurotrophin growth factors that are involved in the growth and survival of nervous tissue.
In other experiments, he finds that electromagnetic fields can affect the development of nerve cells when concentrations of nerve growth factor are too low.
Orally Active Enhancer of Human Nerve Growth Factor Has Demonstrated Promising Activity Preclinically--
The researchers spread rat neurons onto polymer films and bathed the samples in nerve growth factor, a protein that helps maintain the cells.
For example, the Andara([TM])OFS[TM] device is currently being tested in preclinical studies in combination with a nerve growth factor.
The results of this Phase I study of nerve growth factor (NGF) in Alzheimer's disease are encouraging and strongly support our CERE-110 clinical program using an AAV2-based vector to deliver NGF to Alzheimer's patients.
Both grafts and nerve growth factor stimulate production of a chemical messenger, acetylcholine, involved in memory formation, the investigators report.
In rats, a molecule called nerve growth factor (NGF) can partly substitute for the early visual experiences that usually guide the proper development of vision, researchers report.