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chronic stage: gliosis of the optic nerve head and eventually optic atrophy with nerve fibre damage and permanent visual field defect.
Particular attention should be paid to lesions in circumventricular organs and the optic nerve head, since in both regions the blood-brain barrier is less tight than in other regions of the CNS, and AQP-4 is highly expressed at these sites.
There was mild, haemorrhagic swelling of both optic nerve heads and occasional peripheral retinal haemorrhages but no maculopathy.
And subtle deformations of the optic nerve head -- changes truly characteristic of glaucoma -- prove difficult to spot and measure.
Covering the macula, the optic nerve head and areas beyond the vessel arcades in a single image, the Module is said to facilitate comprehensive diagnostics.
He used a special camera to take a detailed image of the inside of Chloe's eye to reveal the swelling of the optic nerve head, caused by the tumour taking up space in her head.
It is believed to be caused by acute ischemia of the optic nerve head resulting from insufficient arterial blood flow via the posterior ciliary artery.
At least 2 standard pupil-optic nerve sections and a transverse section of the optic nerve head from the surgical margin from each case were retrieved for review.
Glaucoma Specialists can track changes to the optic nerve head by layering images from different dates in order to view disease progression;
They should be able to differentially diagnose the conditions--for example, papilloedema and papillitis both cause raised optic nerve head, but papillitis is uniocular and the underlying causes are very different.
Therefore, IOP as well as the perfusion of the optic nerve head should be monitored and managed appropriately.