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This can be highly helpful in PXS patients with high PCI, to have a close followup schedule and for early diagnosis and treatment of PXG, so that further damage to optic nerve head can be prevented.
Snyder said this volume loss in the retinal nerve fiber layer probably represents early demyelination and/ or degeneration of the axons coursing from the cell bodies in the ganglion cell layer, which project to the optic nerve head.
POAG is a slowly progressing bilateral chronic optic neuropathy characterized by RGC loss and morphological changes in the optic nerve head (ONH) with thinning of the neuroretinal rim and enlargement of the optic disc cup.
28) used Fourier domain OCT to compare optic nerve head and RNFL thickness in individuals with glaucoma, with NAION, and in healthy individuals.
Mean RNFL thickness was also found to be thinner in myopes using cirrus high definition (HD) OCT, but correction for axial length related ocular magnification using correction formula has resolved the relationship between axial length and both RNFL thickness and optic nerve head area5.
Thus, each quadrant of the circular area around the optic nerve head was given a color code (green, normal; yellow, borderline; red, thin).
Ophthalmoscopic observation of abnormalities of retina that included bilateral symmetric pale optic nerve heads, severely attenuated retinal vessels and tapetal hyper reflectivity.
Optic Nerve Head Segmentation using Hough Transform and Active Counturs.
His optician then carried out a series of tests which revealed the young schoolboy had a swelling of the optic nerve head.
Chapters are: fundus fluorescein angiography; indocyanine green angiography; optical coherence tomography for retinal diseases; ocular echography; autofluorescence imaging; optic nerve head imaging; the modern multimodal stand-alone ophthalmic imaging center: setup, skills, and operation; retinal vascular disorders; macular degeneration; macular dystrophies; choroidal disorders; diseases of the optic nerve head; intraocular neoplasm; diabetic retinopathy and maculopathy; imaging of the optic disc and retinal nerve fiber layer in glaucoma.
2] The large accumulation of mitochondria within the optic nerve head is mostly responsible for its energy supply.