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Suprascapular nerve paralysis is one of the causes of forefoot lameness and is usually associated with trauma to the shoulder region (Weaver, 2004).
Of the 2 previously reported cases of recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis secondary to mechanical fixation, the first was reported by Hanukoglu et al in 1986.
To avoid the radial nerve paralysis animal should be placed in soft bedding or even smooth surface with cushion bed or keeping the tube containing air, foam, rubber etc to be placed under the shoulder and ground surface or any other contact area.
Acute Otitis Media And Facial Nerve Paralysis in Adults.
A CT scan is generally necessary to rule out underlying malignancy especially when facial nerve paralysis occurs.
Here we report a case of facial nerve paralysis following transtympanic penetrating middle ear trauma, a situation that has been rarely reported in the literature.
Facial nerve paralysis can result in significant functional, cosmetic, and social disability.
Fayad et al studied 705 posterior tympanotomies during cochlear implantation and found only 5 cases of nerve paralysis (0.
A 57-year-old man presented with right hypoglossal nerve paralysis and symptoms of dysarthria and oral incompetence.
Interestingly, this patient had a history of sudden-onset, right-sided facial nerve paralysis with rapid spontaneous resolution prior to his initial workup.
Tracheal diverticula have been reported to be associated with chronic cough, recurrent nerve paralysis, and/or cervical neck swelling.
In one series of jugular foramen tumors, all patients with meningiomas of the jugular foramen presented with lower cranial nerve paralysis.