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"I'm not one single bit nervous," said Felicity complacently.
NERVOUS PIANIST: "I'm afraid there's a mistake somewhere.
He made a long pause, plainly overcome by the thought that was in him, and nervous how best to express it.
But these nervous troubles are dreadfully depressing.
Every muscle of his thin face was now quivering with nervous excitement; his eyes, in which the fire of life had seemed extinguished, now flashed with brilliant light.
Davis was quite benignant in the afternoon, also unusually nervous. Just before school closed, Jo appeared, wearing a grim expression as she stalked up to the desk, and delivered a letter from her mother, then collected Amy's property, and departed, carefully scraping the mud from her boots on the door mat, as if she shook that dust of the place off her feet.
"I confess, he makes me nervous around the children," she said.
"She had been nervous and irritable all the morning; and we took her out into the garden to breathe the fresh air.
"Are you not the author of a monograph upon obscure nervous lesions?" I asked.
These results have all been produced by deprivation of sleep, which is in its turn the nervous consequence of a sudden cessation in the habit of smoking, after that habit has been carried to an extreme.
Hygeia herself would have fallen sick under such a regimen; and how much more this poor old nervous victim?
Of course there may be some nervous horses who have been hurt or frightened when they were young, who may be the better for them; but as I never was nervous, I can't judge."