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STEPHEN FRY and author Stephen Fry suffered a nervous breakdown in 1995 while he was appearing in the play Cell Mates London and disappeared for several days.
She dazzles again as a voice-over actress who loses her grip when her lover jilts her in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.
I wasted my life basically until I had a nervous breakdown, then I got the opportunity to take an accounting course and that's how I started my career.
Ned's mother, a scientist trying to save trees, has a nervous breakdown.
FORMER Steps star H has revealed how he booked himself into a a top rehab clinic after suffering a nervous breakdown.
The rise, evolution and ambiguous decline of the nervous breakdown in the United States open an interesting window on pervasive anxieties.
On the news that his archenemy, Post, had suffered a nervous breakdown after years of denouncing "coffee-slugged nerves," Tea & Coffee Trade Journal editor William Ukers wrote with sardonic glee, "We would not appear to gloat over his misfortune.
And in "A Nervous Breakdown," Proia literally climbs the walls of the bordello where he's trapped in a nightmare of his imagination, while Styron, nude, waits in bed.
Today, as in 1974 and 1975, recession, growing unemployment and a surplus of buildings have caused the financial equivalent of a nervous breakdown," he added.
FLORENCE Welch suffered from a nervous breakdown after releasing her first two albums, the singer revealed yesterday.
Cole, who is now back as a judge on the UK X Factor, revealed that she felt as though she was having a nervous breakdown last year.