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The satire about a pope's nervous breakdown involves a witch, drugs, and crime.
At least that was my impression when I first saw the writer-director's frenetic, candy-colored, irresistible screwball farce Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown nearly 20 years age.
When young Molly's father doesn't come home, she realizes that her mother is teetering dangerously close to a nervous breakdown, and assumes responsibility beyond her years, bit by bit gradually discovering the truth of what happened to her father on her own.
In particular, Teenage Nervous Breakdown explores how modern culture has been "adolescentized", and what the consequences are.
He decided to gain his accountancy qualifications at the age of 54 after he suffered a nervous breakdown.
Mother Nuzhat has had a nervous breakdown and youngest daughter, eight-year-old Farah, cries constantly, say friends.
Both artists enthusiastically volunteered to fight in the conflict--Dix serving for four years in the trenches and Beckmann for one year as a medic before being discharged following a nervous breakdown.
With his marriage and his future precariously on the line, he must choose which lifestyle he will follow, but tragedy inevitably strikes one of his employees drawn too deep into the club's allure, suffering a nervous breakdown due to gambling problems and internal demons.
Zeta Jones has said she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown as a result of the 'satanic' threats.
Already you feel Esther Rantzen should be stepping in on behalf of Kenzie; that Bez will be smoking rolled up wood lice by the end of the week and that John McCririck (pictured) will have a nervous breakdown.
Ned's mother, a scientist trying to save trees, has a nervous breakdown.
FORMER Steps star H has revealed how he booked himself into a a top rehab clinic after suffering a nervous breakdown.