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Now as the old man walked up and down on the veranda, his hands moving nervously about, he was hoping that George Willard would come and spend the evening with him.
Isabel was standing at the end of the table, her fingers still clasped nervously together, a spot of intense colour in her cheeks.
She felt her eyes opening wider and wider, her fingers and toes twitching nervously, something within oppressing her breathing, while all shapes and sounds seemed in the uncertain half-light to strike her with unaccustomed vividness.
She looked nervously round, twice or thrice, and once stopped to let two men who were following close behind her, pass on.
The Doctor shaded his forehead with his hand, and beat his foot nervously on the ground.
Still, the Doctor, with shaded forehead, beat his foot nervously on the ground.
He stood silent, beating his stick nervously against his boot-top; and feeling that she had indeed found the right way of closing the discussion, she went on light- heartedly: "Oh, did I tell you that I showed Ellen my ring?
Archer drew her embroidery out of the basket into which she had nervously tumbled it, and Newland, leaning against the chimney-place and twisting a humming-bird-feather screen in his hand, saw Janey's gaping countenance lit up by the coming of the second lamp.
Professor Porter removed his spectacles nervously, and breathed upon them, but replaced them on his nose without wiping.
Casaubon was nervously conscious that he was expected to manifest a powerful mind.
Now in its third series, this is the programme which gives us the chance to see couples nervously - or not so nervously - enjoying/ enduring blind dates in front of all-seeing cameras in a London restaurant.
IF Darren Clarke thought it was a long two hours waiting to hear the verdict of the Ryder hours waiting to hear the verdict of the Ryder Cup selection panel he should have spent Cup selection panel he should have spent them pacing around nervously in my shoes.