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The market reflected this nervousness and also a tense international situation with International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts warning the world crises would negatively affect trade and growth.
Asked how his nervousness before the ceremony compares to how he feels before an important fixture, he said: "About the same.
Midfield legend McHale said: "There is a nervousness to it because of all these games we've lost.
By the final chapter, Murison moves into the post-Civil War years, when scientific advancements as well as the rise of medical professionalism cast nervousness as a pathological problem requiring professional treatment and control, thus closing off much of the public from the cultural debate about nervousness.
I'm not feeling well, I may not stay for dinner,' she relapsed into nervousness "I told her, 'oh, yeah.
If you ever lose that nervousness, you lose a lot of the qualities that have driven you to become a coach or footballer," he said.
When a speaker believes lack of nervousness alone makes them a good presenter, they are suffering from Kurt's syndrome: confusing personal comfort with effective speaking.
So, the excitement of that, the nervousness of me and everyone singing meant I slept for about half an hour.
But, despite still being a puppy her nervousness has meant she has not been able to start a police dog training course.
The market slide is a reflection of Saudi and Gulf investor nervousness.
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There's a nervousness in the squad that's been brought forward by the results here," said Sturrock after Saturday's 1-1 draw with Accrington.