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The collagen of the vertebrate peripheral nervus system.
The Right to Opacity: On the Otolith Group's Nervus Rerum.
Bu durum biyolojik olarak, depresif duygudurumun otonom sinir sisteminde duzensizlige ve nervus vagus araciligiyla hava yolunda daralmaya yol acarak hastaligin siddetini arttirdigi seklinde aciklanmaktadir (42).
Following RA harvesting, blood flow disturbance in the forearm, loss of function, sensorial disorder and paresthesia especially in the thenar part of the hand caused by nervus cutaneous antebrachialis and superficial part of the radial nerve lesion were reported in some cases (11%) (8).
Percussion sensitivity of the Nervus medianus in the carpal tunnel, percussion sensitivity of the Ramus thenaricus, the N.
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One assumes, given that it is a girl who orchestrates many of the revels in "Some Lines," that Davenport was thinking, for example, of "adhuc ardens rigide tentigine vulve, / Et lassata viris, nondum satiata recessit," ("at last she retired, inflamed by a cunt stiffened by tense erections, exhausted by men but not yet satisfied"), or, since the actors are all teenaged or younger, of Horace's description of the vigor of young males: "Cujus in indomito constantior inguine nervus, / Quam nova collibus arbor inhoeret," ("in whose indomitable groin there is a tendon firmer far than a young tree planted on the hillside") (Montaigne 964, 1011).
The Donald Steward Trophy team were in control for most of the match until they took a nervus dip of nine shots at 20 ends but recovered over the final stage to win by 14 shots.