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Contact: Bob Hock, president of Nest Egg Builders Corp.
Natalie's recession-proof strategies saved countless nest eggs, including Bill (handyman) and Nilo (office administrator) Bolden, who haven't lost anything.
Retirement nest eggs, like Easter eggs, should be put in more than one basket for safety's sake.
Flowers' courses - taught by a staff of certified financial planners in four midwestern states - include such topics as "Build Your Nest Egg," "Cut Your Taxes" and "The Credit Counselor.
A high Nest Egg Score indicates that households are having more success in building their nest eggs or that economic conditions are favorable for saving and investing.
Similarly, in 2006, 77 percent of employed baby boomers and 72 percent of employed trailing edge boomers did something to build their nest eggs compared with 59 percent of working Generation Y/millennials.
An increasingly urgent concern for many Baby Boomers as they speed toward retirement is the inadequacy of their retirement nest eggs.
By measuring a dozen statistical factors -- including participation in retirement savings plans, personal debt levels and home ownership -- the Nest Egg Index shows the geographic regions where people are succeeding in building and nurturing their nest eggs and where they face the greatest difficulty.
On the contrary, the magazine publisher sees it as one of the biggest nest eggs of all time.
LOUIS -- With a national score of 631, Americans remain steadfast and continue to do a fair job of building their nest eggs of personal wealth, according to the latest quarterly A.
However, while there are always some obstacles in saving and investing, it is still a favorable environment where investors should be focusing on their financial future and taking steps to build their nest eggs.
3--Color) BIZ FACTS NEST EGGS How employees distribute their assets in company savings plans, by investment type Knight-Ridder Tribune Grpahics Network