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While people believe Northerners to be 'tight', it is those in the North East who rank among the most generous when it comes to giving it away - as a nest egg for their siblings.
While the 65-plus generation may be better than succeeding generations at saving, the recent economic downturn still exposed inadequacies in their retirement nest eggs, DiGiovanni says.
We would urge people to consider ways to cut down on spending rather than raiding their piggy banks and build a nest egg.
Over-50s are the most likely to leave their nest eggs intact, with one fifth raiding their savings.
Southerners are also likely to have the highest level of savings among the over-50s, with people in this age group in the south having average nest eggs of pounds 13,065, nearly double the pounds 6,847 people in Scotland have amassed and well up on the pounds 7,748 saved by those in the north.
She first spent a hard-earned and carefully planned nest egg that, without the illness, would have provided for comfortable living the rest of her life.
I know people who've denied themselves every comfort just so they can have a nest egg to leave to their children.
Immediate annuities can help long-lived retirees mitigate the chance their nest eggs will dry up, according to a story published in the December issue of the Journal of Financial Planning, published monthly by the Denver-based Financial Planning Association.
Staff at the Newcastle branch of Universal Building Society are looking after more than their customers' nest eggs just now, as painted eggs by local school children have gone on show at their premises.
3497, would allow workers to grow their nest eggs through a voluntary personal account while guaranteeing promised benefits, regardless of the account's investment performance.