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Our final nest egg may also include assets such as property, money in the bank, and shares.
While people believe Northerners to be 'tight', it is those in the North East who rank among the most generous when it comes to giving it away - as a nest egg for their siblings.
Why do Americans risk their hard earned nest egg at the market casino table?
Such arrangements tend to deliver more certainty in building a retirement nest egg than do the defined contribution plans offered most workers today.
"We would urge people to consider ways to cut down on spending rather than raiding their piggy banks and build a nest egg."
The 30-year-old program was intended to safeguard workers' nest eggs against market fluctuations.
How do so many seniors end up in poverty, even those who retired with seemingly healthy nest eggs? Unchecked spending, unexpected health problems and an exceptionally long life are just a few of the culprits that can turn the golden years into a financial nightmare.
The Saving Britain data suggests people are saving but not leaving their nest eggs alone.
People in Wales are slightly better than their northern counterparts having saved an average of pounds 5,546 each, while those in Scotland have the smallest nest eggs at just pounds 4,429.
Seniors are up in arms because drug company control of distribution and pricing of pharmaceuticals is eating away hard-earned nest eggs. Who cares?
Apparently soaring house prices and later marriages are leading to millions of 20- and 30-somethings still living at home and experts are warning that this is eroding parents' nest eggs.
The Institute for Public Policy Research says that last year 34 per cent of households had no nest eggs - one per cent lower than in 1996-7.