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I got my bit of a nest-egg, as the master calls it, all by my own sharpness,--ten suvreigns it was,--wi' dousing the fire at Torry's mill, an' it's growed an' growed by a bit an' a bit, till I'n got a matter o' thirty pound to lay out, besides makin' my mother comfor'ble.
He had married young, while still a lieutenant, his wife being a girl of about his own age, who possessed neither beauty nor education, and who brought him no more than fifty souls of landed property, which little estate served, however, as a nest-egg for far more important accumulations.
I can make five codicils if I like, and I shall keep my bank-notes for a nest-egg.
ANNE Darwin will return to Panama once she is freed from jail - to a million dollar nest-egg.