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Nests that were placed close to the edge of oil pads had higher chances of survival whereas survival probability was highest for birds that nested away from edge on grassland.
No bird nested in a tree that starts with the same letter as its name.
Further afield birds have nested in letter boxes, traffic lights, cathedral spires - and even a medieval siege machine at Warwick Castle.
In our study the vast majority of owls nested in Douglas-fir, a pattern also noted by Buchanan and others (1995) in eastern Washington, and Hershey and others (1998) in Oregon.
One pair of pigeons got through an open window and nested on a bed and one swallow pair sited their nest on an electric plug socket in a bedroom.
Abstract.--two locations in central New York, including the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, Isodontia mexicana females nested in 8 and 9 mm diameter trap nests.
Federally-endangered interior least terns (Sterna antillarum) have nested at Gibson Lake in southwestern Indiana since 1986.
Factors affecting hatching success of densely nested Canada geese.
And some colonies actually nested in homes and other structures rather than just dining on them.
Before gill-netting, some 80,000 leatherbacks nested in Mexico and Costa Rica each year.
Hence, some successful females subsequently nested in new patch types (also see Lokemoen et al.