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In analyzing cause and effect, it's important to understand that the old-growth pine trees that osprey have historically used for nesting in this area are no longer here, so there are fewer nesting opportunities," said Progress Energy environmental specialist Dave Bruzek.
By 29 July, nesting activity had ceased and the boxes were removed.
Cecere estimates that there are now 6,000 nesting pairs in the lower 48 states, up more than 1,500 percent from their lowest levels.
By putting up a nest box in gardens, the public will provide birds and wildlife with an invaluable and safe nesting site.
Despite a high reproductive potential (an average clutch size of four eggs, and two to three nesting attempts per year), predation may limit recovery efforts for Florida grasshopper sparrows.
This is the fifth, successive (and final) year of monitoring nesting sites of loggerhead sea turtles.
However, Cecere notes that the eagle still faces daunting post-delisting challenges - from loss of crucial nesting and foraging habitat to the threat of various contaminants, viruses and diseases.
The abandoned nests were carefully removed from the substrate and immediately placed into separate plastic bags to prevent loss of nesting materials.
Nests were relatively easy to find by following females, so there was little risk of bias in detection of nests among potential species of plants used for nesting sites.
Habitat for cavity nesting birds in the Great Plains has historically been restricted to riparian zones, because little woody habitat existed outside riparian zones in the region (Ladd 1990).
Threats: Egg harvesting, disturbance of nesting grounds, drowning in fishing nets, choking on plastic bags mistaken for jellyfish
Tagging loggerheads and patrolling Wassaw's beaches during nesting season are just part of what the Georgia-based Caretta Research Project does.