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Despite a high reproductive potential (an average clutch size of four eggs, and two to three nesting attempts per year), predation may limit recovery efforts for Florida grasshopper sparrows.
Key words: estimation; maximum likelihood; Mayfield model; modeling survival; nesting success; nest survival; stage-specific survival.
This is the fifth, successive (and final) year of monitoring nesting sites of loggerhead sea turtles.
The method of reviving the population of the American bluebird is simple -- we need to provide it with suitable nesting environments.
Ultimately, the strong difference in dimorphism between ground- and off-ground nesting birds results in part from a decrease in male brightness as previously argued (Shutler and Weatherhead 1990; Johnson 1991), but also is greatly facilitated by the increase in female brightness in ground-nesting birds related to their reduced risk of nest predation as compared to shrub nesters.
1982; Seyffert 1985; Wiens and Dyer 1975), but information regarding nest densities and success of grassland nesting nongame birds is lacking.
However, Cecere notes that the eagle still faces daunting post-delisting challenges - from loss of crucial nesting and foraging habitat to the threat of various contaminants, viruses and diseases.
Moreover, intra-specifically, individuals vary in their nesting fastidiousness in that females spend a varying amount of time filling the nest and covering the cavity with nearby debris (K.
Inter- and intra-specific fights for nesting cavities are common in the OMR indicating the nest site scarcity for hole-nesting birds mainly due to habitat degradation and/or urbanization in major parts of the Indian subcontinent (Bhatt et al.
nesting in the same tree) among nests within the same year for the same species.
Key words: Kittlitz's Murrelet; Brachyramphus brevirostris; Alaska; nesting habitat; nest density; nesting success; sampling design
Beebe (1959) provided the 1st evidence of Black Swift nesting in British Columbia.