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The sum that remains following all permissible deductions, including charges, expenses, discounts, commissions, or taxes.

Net assets, for example, are what remain after an individual subtracts the amount owed to creditors from his or her assets. Net pay is the salary an individual actually receives after deductions such as Income Tax and Social Security payments.


n., adj. the amount of money or value remaining after all costs, losses, taxes, depreciation of value, and other expenses and deductions have been paid and/or subtracted. Thus the term is used in net profit, net income, net loss, net worth, or net estate.

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Since these card and loan rates currently go as high as 10.8 per cent it means savers are effectively making their money work to the tune of 10.8 per cent on the amount they are able to net off.
Answer the following the question: What was the unusual fish for this area that was recently caught in a salmon net off Blyth?
The swordfish that swam into Peter Dent's net off Newbiggin provides more than a tasty addition to the local fish menu.
It was a Porter cross from the left that bounced into the Burscough net off the shins of defender Neil Fitzhenry to equalise on 65 minutes.
In the 82nd minute, he crept up at the back post and saw his shot deflected into the net off Queen's defender Ritchie Sinclair.
The second, 17 minutes into the second period, was a more fortuitous effort, the ball entering the net off Rob Hamer from a powerful shot by Graham Evans.
A Sammy Koejoe centre which appeared to rebound into the net off Portsmouth defender Andy Myers made it 3-1.
He didn't try to take the net off its hinges with that header" - ANDY TOWNSEND "I think the next United manager is already at the club.
Eleven minutes later, a throw from Ben Tozer flicked off the head of Alan Bennett and bounced into the net off Billy Jones.
The Terriers took the lead when Phil Jevons pounced from seven yards, but City levelled after 11 minutes when a Bruno Berner drive cannoned into the net off Michael Morrison.
Soon after Jermaine Gordon brought out another excellent touch over by the flying Patching but in the 67th minute the points were sealed with substitute Matt Edge taking advantage of poor Greenbacks defending to steer a low cross into the net off the inside of the far post.
Alan White's attempted clearance looped into the net off Ben Smith 70 seconds into the second half to extend the lead and Benjamin crashed in Lionel Ainsworth's cross for the fourth on 58 minutes.