net return

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During the three months ended September 30, 2018, Golub Capital BDC had a net return of capital of $20.1M from Senior Loan Fund LLC, an unconsolidated Delaware limited liability company, that invests in senior secured loans and is co-managed by Golub Capital BDC and RGA Reinsurance Company.
It ended last year with a net return of 23.87 percent.
According to a disclosure posted on Kuwait Bourse's official website, KAMCO's total assets increased by USD 81.6 million, while the purchase is expected to yield an annual net return of 7.25 percent.
Last year, the BPI Philippine Infrastructure Equity Index Fund finished with a strong net return of 5.39 percent since inception in January 2017 while the BPI Philippine Consumer Equity Index Fund, which was also launched in January, 2017, ended last year with 14.44 percent net return to investors.
The Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 (DR) - UCITS ETF Monthly Hedged D-EUR enables investors to participate in the performance of the STOXX Europe 600 Net Return EUR Index.
Net return was significantly higher in 1.5 and 2ml groups and was the least in the control group.
While Private Equity had a higher average annual gross return than REITs at 13.46 percent, its net return was lower at 11.37 percent, pulled down by management fees that were nearly four times higher than those of REITs.
The BWMB was established in 1950 to operate a central marketing system for UK fleece wool, with the aim of achieving the best possible net return for producers.
Grower net returns in 2008 ranged from $8,261 per hectare to $16,414 per hectare at low crop and control respectively, from $4,688 per hectare to $12,029 respectively in 2009, and from $4,936 per hectare to $7,613 respectively in 2010 (see "Grower Net Return" on page 94).
The framework evaluates spatial patterns of forest management practices in terms of four objectives (1) expected residential losses due to wildfire (E(RLW)), or wildfire risk; (2) water pollution; (3) expected net return from timber sales; and (4) extent of potential wildlife habitat.
One year after its inception, Banque Libano-Francaise's (BLF) LF Total Return Bond Fund registered a 6.26 per cent net return, beating its target of Libor +4.5 per cent per annum (4.75 per cent).
* Japanese Yen-denominated hedge funds have produced year-to-date returns of 17.14 percent and have an average net return of 24.79 percent for the past 12 months.