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TON. Twenty hundred weight, each hundred weight being one hundred and twelve pounds avoirdupois. See act of congress of Aug. 30, 1842, c. 270, s. 20.

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6 percent increase from the 26 million net tons shipped during the same period in 2003.
Current estimates of the foundry coke market in 1992 indicate a shipping level of about 1,350,000 net tons with 1993 and 1994 looking at 1,500,000 to 1,700,000 net tons.
Net tons shipped in the quarter-to-quarter comparison were particularly strong in this unit's engineered products and envelope & converting markets, which generated volume growth of approximately 21% and 7%, respectively.
It will be able to produce up to 300,000 net tons annually in diameters ranging from 24 to 64 inches with grades up to X80.