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The sum that remains following all permissible deductions, including charges, expenses, discounts, commissions, or taxes.

Net assets, for example, are what remain after an individual subtracts the amount owed to creditors from his or her assets. Net pay is the salary an individual actually receives after deductions such as Income Tax and Social Security payments.

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n., adj. the amount of money or value remaining after all costs, losses, taxes, depreciation of value, and other expenses and deductions have been paid and/or subtracted. Thus the term is used in net profit, net income, net loss, net worth, or net estate.

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She ended saying that a podium finish would give netball a chance to gain popularity in the country.
It would be injustice to the players if netball is not be included in the Games
Akhtar appealed Minister of Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Dr Fahmida Mirza and POA president Arif Hasan to include netball in the Games.
Her son Dave said: "The story goes that because in the war years the new playing fields were being brought into agricultural use, they played netball on the concrete playground.
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