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Email is by far our preferred means of communication but the key to successful netiquette is to: Slow down - after writing an email give yourself a brief cooling off period before hitting the send button.
Participates in faculty-led chat in Blackboard or WebCT to discuss Netiquette.
This shows that you follow the rules of Netiquette (the Internet version of etiquette), as well as helps to begin an e-mail dialogue with the prospect.
Si discute di cibernetica e netiquette, di valutazione dei siti, un argomento quest'ultimo di particolare importanza in quanto offre sia a docenti che a discenti alcuni strumenti essenziali per poter scegliere quei siti che sono piu idonei all'insegnamento di una L2.
From what I learned at the Cyber Ethics Conference and the experiences I had with my students during the Cyber Safety and Netiquette lessons, I believe that we need to address the many safety and behavioral issues that have emerged with the development of the Internet.
Netiquette requires fast response to electronic communication.
Maybe, it's time to append our earlier Netiquette Guide (see ACCN - Apr 1999):
The authors discuss e-mail, news groups, discussion lists, netiquette, and briefly describe the hardware and software necessary to get on to the Net.
So I took the next step, which was to write rules of netiquette for the lists.
Netiquette is the unwritten code for civil behavior on the Internet.
A Canadian court has ruled that sending unsolicited commercial email (UCE or spam) is a violation of netiquette, and that ISPs are entitled to disconnect customers for committing such violations.
Hurling documents and messages electronically around the globe raises two vital concerns: netiquette and security.