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Rather than munching through the nettles, stalk by stalk, he packed them into a weed sandwich, the non-stinging side of the leaves facing upward.
He added: "To be honest, I was tentative at the start - having someone push a bunch of nettles in front of you and say, 'Eat that', is quite terrifying.
Brigadier General Bentley Nettles is a tested leader whose integrity, skills and experience, in both the military and the private sector, make him the ideal choice to get the TABC back on track," Gov.
After gathering the nettles using thick gloves to avoid stings, chop them finely with shears or garden scissors, avoiding roots and seeded plants.
The concert, filmed weeks prior to its premiere, will be hosted by Jennifer Nettles for the (http://www.
In its ongoing efforts to protect the ecological health of Barnegat Bay, the Department of Environmental Protection will host a series of Barnegat Bay Bulkhead Blitz events this month to demonstrate simple steps waterfront property owners can take to help reduce populations of sea nettles, a type of stinging and highly predatory jellyfish that can diminish recreational enjoyment of the bay and create ecological imbalance.
How to harvest nettles You want the youngest, freshest plants, before they have grown tall, woody and bitter.
THEY'RE not always seen as something to like, never mind love, but nettles are more than just those nasty things that catch your ankles and sting you on a family walk, or while you're out playing with friends.
Early Life: John Vivian Drummond Nettles was born on October 11, 1943, in St Austell, Cornwall.
With her country duo Sugarland on an indefinite hiatus, Jennifer Nettles proves she has the sheer talent and star-power to break out on her own on "That Girl,'' her debut solo album and latest country chart-topper.
The line includes the first, all-natural, organic hair extensions, Jungali DreadsTM also made from wild nettles.