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Key technologies for future network architectures 17 4.
As telecom network architectures evolve, they run slap into the biggest challenge to broadband services of any kind: how to get the required bandwidth over the last part of the network to their customers.
Cerner is pleased that Desert Hospital has decided to expand their relationship with us by broadly implementing our Healthcare Network Architecture.
Beaudoin served as director of strategic network architecture and chief technologist for WilTel Communications which was acquired by Level (3) Communications.
The IP CAS' ability to adapt to the most robust network architectures and Latens' proactive approach to security were cited as key reasons for the selection.
Because of its long experience with sophisticated network architectures, Skyrider's team succeeded in building a platform that meets this challenge.
Manitoba Hydro will assess the performance of the OpenWay network architecture as well as validate the business case for advanced metering and a possible deployment of the technology on a broader scale in the future.
Cantata's SnowShore IP Media Server is the industry's premiere software-based, carrier-grade IP media server supported by a wide range of industry standard hardware platforms running on Red Hat Linux, and powering a broad range of innovative multimedia services for next-generation wireline, wireless and broadband networks including the 3GPP/3GPP2 IP Multimedia System (IMS) network architecture.

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