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As an example of the limitations of the present system of transcription, there are six neumes for the interval of the ascending second.
The problems of the theory of neumes are discussed on the basis of extremely rich material of comprehensive samples of manuscripts, some of which are published for the first time in this volume.
The illustrations provide detailed testimony to methods of neumation, including neumes that move up and down (diastematic neumes) and those that do not (adiastematic neumes).
4) and Palomares's later contributions to paleography, particularly his continued work with Visigothic neumes (chap.
Yet the carefully drawn neumes and the presence of a proper Office for Thomas Becket points to Esztergom, which had a distinctive notation from the twelfth century onwards (see page 43 of the commentary for a description of these characteristic features), and comparison of this manuscript's liturgical content with other relevant sources from Esztergom definitively establish the breviary's origin (it is among the indexed sources in Dobszay's Corpus antiphonalium officii).
Notae Musicae Artis is particularly welcome, therefore, because it includes 130 black-and-white and color plates (on glossy paper), and shows a great variety of notated manuscripts ranging from eleventh-century Gospel books with neumes to sixteenth-century vocal polyphony, tablatures, and theoretical treatises.
Based on the style of the neumes added to the incipits of some alleluias and the presence of Saint Golumban in the calendar, Tacconi suggests influence from Bobbio.
Nelson examines the sources in exhaustive detail, pursuant to her objectives, and presents narrative analyses and tables of neumes that identify the calligraphic variations and help define relationships among the fragments.