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On the other hand, Helisachar's letter tends to support Levy's argument for an early date for the origin of neumes.
But will these Byzantine neumes always be included above the Western transcriptions in publications in order to provide a more accurate interpretation especially for those who are not students of the field?
In a broad comparative way the author discusses the Latin neumes as well.
In the neumes written by [Sigma], there are many groups that appear more than once, further affirming the discoveries by Haug and Gunilla Bjorkvall (as noted by Arlt on page 63 of the commentary) that certain melismas used to trope Proper chants recur in one chant after another.
Palomares's copy is remarkable for its nearly exact representation of both the text and the neumes of the medieval model at a time when few were studying liturgical books in Spain, much less their musical notation.
The text, melody, and modes are discussed in great detail, as well as rhythm, neumes, and articulation.
20050), Haines asserts that its notation "resembles the traditional neumes of plainchant" (p.