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The neural arch is placed at midpoint of the centrum (with a slight anterior displacement).
The position of the neural arch near the midpoint of the centrum excluded it from Titanosauriformes, which is characterized by anteriorly displaced neural arches (e.
Remarks--GCVP 4793 is a fragmentary trunk vertebra consisting of a centrum with only remnants of the bottom portion of the neural arch.
The soak time required for the silver nitrate to penetrate the whole neural arch varied between arches of similarly sized sharks and even between arches from the same shark.
The body and neural arch form a ring called the vertebral foremen.
The transverse processes are high but not prominent, reaching the pedicels of the neural arch and the neurocentral suture.
However, it could be Nerodia harteri paucimaculata, although the neural arch is not quite the same.
It has been identified as a dorsal vertebra on the basis of the position of the parapophyses and diapophyses, both of which join to form the transverse processes and are born from the neural arch (Andrews, 1913; Young et al.
Only the neural arch is known, with the regions of the neural spine and right postzygapophyseal complete, while no remains have been recovered below the roof of the neural channel, the prezygapophyses and the transverse processes being absent (Fig.
The neural arch is broken above the neurocentral suture, and two stout pedicles remain fused to the centrum.
1A-B) is placed in the genus Nerodia rather than Thamnophis or Regina based on the short and wide dorsal neural arch region (Brattstrom, 1967), vaulted neural arch, higher neural spine, and the wide, ventrally directed hypapophysis.