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The findings, published June 7 in Science and based on a study of mouse neural crest tissue, show that cells face multiple competing choices on their journey to adulthood and perform a series of binary decisions until they reach a final destination.
Laryngeal paragangliomas are extremely rare neuroendocrine tumors of neural crest origin.
Our previous work and that of other studies have indicated that a-SMA is expressed in migrating mesenchymal cells, which are derived from the cardiac neural crest or endocardium.[14],[15] Hence, in this study, the a-SMA expression pattern in the OFT cushion and the protrusion revealed the distribution of mesenchymal cells, which contributed to the formation of the cushion and the protrusion.
Thus, genes with links to the neural crest should all change as a result of domestication (Wilkins et al.
Imaging studies for neural crest tumor gave normal results.
(17) It was first proposed to be of neural crest origin in 1966, because of the discovery that many cases are associated with an increase of urinary vanillyl-mandelic acid excretion.
The embryological development of the human eye involves a series of events, beginning with fertilization of the ovum and continuing through the early postnatal period, in three embryonic layers: neural ectoderm, neural crest, and surface ectoderm, with minor contribution from the mesoderm.
Proper head and craniofacial development takes place under strict control of neural progenitor cell transformation into neural crest stem cells.
"The neural crest hypothesis posits that the phenotypes we see in domesticated animals over and over again -- floppy ears, changes to the jaw, coloration, tame behavior -- can be explained by genetic changes that act in a certain type of cell during development called neural crest cells, which are incredibly important and contribute to all kinds of adult tissues," explained Amanda Pendleton, a postdoctoral researcher.
Both melanocytes and neuronal cells arise from the embryonic neural crest, which explains the link between congenital nevi and brain lesions.
Both mela-nocytes and neuronal cells arise from the embryonic neural crest, which explains the link between congenital nevi and brain lesions.
Sox proteins have been shown to play essential role and undertake key functions in cell fate decisions in neurogenesis, sex determination and gliogenesis, neural crest development, skeletogenesis, cardiogenesis and angiogenesis as well as in hematopoiesis (Lefebvre et al., 2007; Wegner, 2010).