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Walker is making the motion platform chair at the heart of Neurosis open source and hopes it will inspire school children to get involved with engineering and science projects.
They have swallowed each other in competition to such a degree that they now seem to be riddled with paranoia and neurosis.
The culprit is a beautiful woman named Emily Thorndyke, who can match him neurosis for neurosis, and whose own slobbering mutt is providentially named Ferdinand.
Comparing the two shows, there's no obvious person yet to fill Anthea Turner's shoes for neurosis and vanity, but Ulrika has to be a candidate.
My shows are probably a release for my neurosis and weirdness.
While there are more than a few admonitions here, there are also a lot of good nagging questions, doses of goofiness, hints of neurosis and superstition, and even the occasional ray of hope.
He moved in a state of glorious neurosis up and down a runway or some rarely traveled highway.
Chris Evans and Billie Piper obviously don't share my neurosis.
It may be pertinent at this point to end with a note on the place of communal neurosis in the novel.
Paul DeBlassie III wrote Toxic Christianity: Healing the Religious Neurosis (Crossroad, 167 pages, $17.
Freud, then a 39-year-old physician with a private practice specializing in cases of neurosis, was the man who saw sex in everything," one of Freud's colleagues recalled.