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The social isolation and language problems that contribute to their high rate of neurotic disorder may also act as obtacles to their receiving the counselling help and medical care that they need.
The validity of our findings is likely to be highest for psychosis (a severe disorder with some specific symptoms), followed by neurotic disorders and substance abuse (the assessment included standardized, operational measures for symptoms).
The approach goes as far as revealing the aetiology, symptoms, and identification of some of the specific neurotic disorders that oppressed and abandoned female children are likely to suffer from.
Available evidence supports the first possibility of the under-reporting by Indian epidemiological studies because of poor sensitivity of the screening instrument, high-risk populations (children and adolescents, elderly) were not assessed, neurotic disorders and substance use disorders were not assessed adequately, stigma and single informant method would have lead to under-reporting.
10 Table 3 Diagnosis of Asian, White, and Black groups Diagnoses Asian White Black n=163 n=596 n=144 Schizophrenic/Delusional disorders 56(34) 166(28) 88(61) Bipolar disorder 23(14) 57(10) 35(25) Depression 40(25) 192(32) 2(1) Neurotic disorders 5(3) 17(3) 1(0.
Professor Hubert Lacey, professor of psychiatry at St Georges Hospital in Tooting, South London, said: "There is no higher rate of sexual abuse as a child in bulimia nervosa patients than in other neurotic disorders.
Neurotic disorders (ND) were studied according to special methodic recommendation developed in Scientific-Research Institute of General and Forensic Psychiatry named after Serbski (1988, 1991) (Alexandrovski, 1993).
Investigation determined neurotic disorders in 122 (72.
In considerable number of patients before puberty there were observed neurotic disorders in the form of night fears--29 persons (28.
Patients develop negative perception of the antirheumatic treatment, they end up not trusting doctor's recommendations; it results in the circle neurotic disorders (ND), such as asthenia, sleeping disorders, anxiety, fear, depression and so on (Vukolova, 2000; Drajenkova, 2001).
The aim of our work was to study the features of the neurotic disorders in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and to determine it relationship with clinical-laboratory indexes of the disease.