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Complete neutralisation of the government's extra borrowing requirements implies a coefficient of -1 for DDCGY.
I interpret this neutralisation coefficient as a measure of central bank independence in a representative developing country.
Table 1 shows the estimated neutralisation coefficients on both contemporaneous and lagged public sector borrowing requirements, DDCGY and [DDCGY.
Table 20: Dynesys Dynamic Neutralisation system - Positional MRI Study of Dynesys
Table 21: Dynesys Dynamic Neutralisation system - The Dynesys Spinal System Clinical Trial
Table 22: Dynesys Dynamic Neutralisation system - A Biomechanical Assessment of the Dynesys Stabilization System Using Radiostereometric Analysis
MuMNS will be the neutralisation solution for the whole MMCM system and will operate remotely from the unmanned surface vessel (USV), another component of the overall solution.
Chemically, the product has approximately twice the neutralisation power of both caustic soda and hydrated lime.
Metal ions in a mixed effluent are removed stepwise in order of their size/charge ratio as neutralisation proceeds.
The second platform is an armoured crew vehicle, which remotely controls the countermine detection and neutralisation operation from a safe stand-off distance.
Limestone is used in the proposed High Pressure Acid Leach (HPAL) nickel and cobalt extraction process for the neutralisation of the autoclave discharge liquors and pH correction of tailings prior to disposal.