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Les deux anticorps que les chercheurs ont decouverts dans le sang d'un survivant d'Ebola sont donc capables de neutraliser toutes les souches connues du virus.
Department of Defense (DoD) to manufacture and deliver Archerfish mine neutralisers, continuing its support to the U.
In addition to Archerfish mine neutralisers, manufactured at BAE Systems Broad Oak facility in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, the contract also includes the supply of fibre-optic spools.
The pounds 18 Neutraliser will be distributed worldwide from a Scots plant next year.
Et surtout, ils peuvent neutraliser les cellules eux-memes, contrairement aux autres anticorps qui ne servent qu'a identifier les cellules infectees, et a donner l'information aux globules blancs.
Mr Hardiman, the director of Kidderminster-based Neutralec, said: 'Where people have had carpets installed successfully and used our Neutraliser, there has been a high degree of satisfaction.
The Neutraliser can also be used on computer monitors which emit a similar kind of magnetic field.